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Our meals are always freshly prepared, rich, filling and truly tasteful with the best seasonal ingredients.

We serve our home made biological products like: jam, bacon, ham and sausage. We purchase locally produced bread, meat, cheese, eggs, fruits and vegetables. Also we do our best to avoid artificial additives like: taste enhancers, conservants and colorants.

For Breakfast we can offer as an example(depending on the season): Senseo/normal coffee; herb/rooibos tea, milk, home made jam, farmer's bread, butter, white cheese, boiled eggs, fresh fruits or vegetables, ham/salami/bacon, home made sausage, some home made bread spreads like eggplant salad; or freshly made dishes from egg and cheese.

For Lunch & Dinner we serve traditional warm meals with 3 courses including a glas of house wine.

If you have any special needs or wishes concerning the meals please let us know at your arrival.

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