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» MEZIAD CAVE in Meziad (9km) - a real underground experience with a guide; an exciting trip to and in the cave; several bat populations can be observed; safe and surprising for children and grown up's as well;

» WONDER SPRING in Stâna de Vale (35km)- a beautiful mountain station surrounded by green pine tree forests; taste mineral water directly from the source (from an altitude of 1.100 meters), take as much as you want home for free and find out more about the fairy tale of the Wonder Spring;

» THERMAL SPA in Beiuș (11 km) - a popular destination with swimming pools filled with hot thermal water for adults and children as well; soak in the healing water, get a nice suntan or try a typical Romanian dish at the local restaurant for lunch.


» BEARS CAVE in Chișcău (35 km) - another amazing guided underground experience; very reach in impressive stalactites and stalagmites; a place where imagination brings brilliant shapes alive; check out the Ursus spelaeus skeleton or find out the story of the Bears Caves and its 140 bears caught inside 15.000 years ago. Don't miss the opportunity to try some trout fish with garlic sauce (ask for "păstrăv și mujdei") grown locally in mountain spring water close to the local restaurants.

» PADIȘ in the heart of the Apuseni Mountains (55km- 4hours)

» Lesu Lake where mountains meet lake(50km)- via Stana de Vale

» Still working 150 years old Water Mill in Roșia (12 km)

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